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I'm Bethany

Thank you for taking a look into what I do. I’m a multifaceted thinker, developing systems and experiences across media. This is a small sample of projects, recent and notable, including SCADpro, professional UX design, and Graphic design for film.

20 years ago I was setting out at the start of my career as a designer. I had an associates degree in Graphic Design, with a minor in Computer Animation. It was 1999, web media was huge and changing even faster than today, and although social media was only in its early years we were all watching it grow. I spent these first years of my career working in start-up companies, building digital products, learning how to build a business from a systematic standpoint — visually and pragmatically — from the ground up. These years were invaluable in forming my understanding of how ideas and hard work can become products, services, and companies, and how the stories behind these endeavors become the language that forms the heart of a brand.

Human Centered

I began calling my practice, Human Centered Design Process, many years ago; I utilize a mix of Design Thinking, UX, and Service Design in research, strategy and visualization of projects. Many of the methods we use in UX have been practiced in the design community for years; I have adapted the language and processes of UX as the practice has been formalized. I am passionate about research, and believe my strengths lie in survey-writing and insight analysis, but I also enjoy problem solving — how might we use UX to uncover underlying problems? How might we find solutions that positively shift the ecosystem? How might we develop strategies to rocket us into the future?

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