Teaching & Mentoring

Curriculum Instruction and Design
Project Overview
Through SCAD I was able to continue my professional work as a mentor,director and advisor to students as they worked with real clients and onreal projects through SCADpro (formally known as the CollaborativeLearning Center). Clients included Google, Dynacraft Wheels, SEDA, VisitSavannah, JCB, Delta Airlines and HP. Our projects ranged from promptsincluding the future of travel to new client-facing brand development, andincluded VR, AR, app design, to illustration and brand campaign.
My Contributions
Below you will find a few projects in brief. Please feel free to reach out for more information.

JCB Experience

The JCB team approached us and told us what problem they wanted to solve; there was an 80% skid steer market opportunity for JCB in North America, and they wanted to do something about it. Their team went on to explain that they were having trouble getting customers to test drive the machine because of availability of demo units amongst dealers and low brand awareness in North America. The customers who have experienced the Teleskid multi-functionality themselves are amazed at what more they can do with the machine, which has resulted in buying one. Our goal, find a way to create the demo experience through AR or VR to bring more sales to JCB.
Professor / Mentor
Jun 2016 — Jul 2017

   Delta, The Future of Air Travel

Delta Airlines approached us with a 10 week project to tap into the multicultural talent that resides at SCAD. The purpose of this endeavor was to explore the entire customer journey from Inspiration to Destination within the sphere of ‘Future Air Travel in 2027’. They presented the team with their in-house customer journey and walked us through their identified main pain points — Security, Time and Control. The team was asked to consider two types of travelers, namely Leisure and Corporate, and dive into their lifestyles to come up with areas of opportunities for product and service creation. Our final products included large scale LCD scanners, live / organic bomb detection, levitating chairs, in-flight services such as AR sight seeing, online shopping, as well as airport travel.
Professor / Mentor
Jun 2016 — Jul 2017

   HP Home Printing Solutions

HP Home Printing Solutions partnered with SCADpro to develop an experience-enabling platform for people to turn their memories into valuable mementos to keep or to offer to their loved ones. With a dominant position in the printing market, HP is now paving the way for a future in which the shift from digital to physical and back will be swift and seamless, boosting the creativity of the users by putting all possible resources at their fingertips, in the screen of an app. The team of students assembled by SCADpro developed the concept for a new HPsmart app that would bring HP and their partners together in an experience, and simultaneously make it easy and fun for users to work on their memories. Capture / Create / Commemorate
Professor / Mentor
March 2019 — June 2019