Graphic Designer
UX / UI / Educational Design / Graphic Artist / Publication Design

Multi-faceted designer with experience developing systems and experiences across media from AR to publication.

Building Brands
Identity Design and Writing
UX / UI / UR
Interactive Design
Teacher & Mentor
Curriculum Instruction and Design
Film & Television
Graphic Designer / Artist

Recent Experience

From Fall 2014 – Spring 2019 I worked as a professor of GDVX at SCAD and starting fall 2017 I was also the Associate Chair for GDVX, in charge of the departments operation from daily needs to master planning, event preparation, scheduling 17 professors online and on-ground, and training faculty to teach new courses. SCAD afforded me the opportunity to continue my career as a director of design and UX projects through SCADpro, where I worked with notable companies such as Google, HP, and Delta, leading students through UX and product design endeavors including UX research (primary and secondary, affinitizing, How Might We’s, etc.) and leading the design of prototypes, presentations, and vision videos. Since leaving SCAD in 2019, I have pushed my side hustles to center stage. Designing for Film and Television, UR / UX / UI, and mentoring have become the center of my daily practice.

Mentor UX
June 2020 — Present
Independant Designer
Graphic Design / UX / UI
June 2019 — Present
Various Film & TV
Graphic Designer / Artist
August 2016 — Present
Professor & Associate Chair
Aug 2014 — June 2019